Our Stones tell a Story.
Personalize this monument to remember your pet or family member. We create a unique design for all of our buyers.
Why have a "cookie cutter" monument? We make your purchase as unique as the pet or person it is for.

We provide a top quality stone at an affordable rate.

This granite stone is laser engraved with the name, date & wording of your choice.
Our high resolution laser engravers can produce a very life like photo, that will last 300 years or more!

This stone is 6" x 6" x 3/8".
Perfect as a grave marker or it can be displayed indoors.
This stone will not fade or crack due to extreme weather. In fact it's the same quality stone you see in your local cemetery.
We engrave your photo and any text.


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Personalized Pet or Human Stone 6x6 Black Granite

  • Your memorial stone will be 6" x 6" x 3/8"

    Memorials are created from solid granite and the image side is polished.

    Images and text are laser etch and we enhance the image with a special process to bring out the features of your memorial.